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I bring you erotic stories from my heart, mind, and soul.

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He was extremely aroused now, and when I caught you staring, I knew that you were, too.

I don’t remember exactly how far into our marriage we were when I finally understood that we both needed something more, dear husband.

You’ve always been my dream guy, my hero, the one I wanted to be with for life. From day one, you worked hard to fulfill every wish…

Christ, her body was perfect, right down to the light sprinkling of freckles on the top of her shoulders, like brown sugar

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My brother married a goddess. Of course, he did — he’s made good decisions at every turn of his life. He’s the reliable one, the responsible one, the successful one. (And in my opinion: The boring one.)

Me? I’m just flighty, wild, the black sheep of the family. The crazy…

When Finn puts his cock in me for the first time, it feels like I’m a virgin all over again

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Every person in a broken marriage has that defining moment they knew their marriage was over.

For me, it was the day my husband of twenty-seven years asked me to drive him to the oral surgeon for a tooth extraction.

I had immediately said yes, of course. It’s a thing…

photo: SexArt

She moans in her sleep and the sweet sound lights a fire in my belly.

I’m in the middle of a deeply delicious dream about my husband growing two heads as he’s going down on me. …

I could feel her wet and slippery body pulsing against mine.

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I was seventeen when my dad divorced my mom and married Alison. She was in her late 20’s at the time, and I still remember what a scandal this was.

I also remember how it went the first time I ever met her. They picked me up for dinner in…

photo: SexArt

Mr. Allen has been a very bad boy. And I intend to punish him properly.

Mr. Allen was twice my age, with light brown hair turning to salt and pepper. But he had quite a few things going for him: he was rich, he was brilliant, and most importantly, he was my boss.

The fact that he was married hardly fazed me. My own parents…

She melts into me as I slide two fingers inside her slowly, watching her face.

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The first time Andrew brought Kelsey home to meet us, my jaw dropped. And then I cursed under my breath. The girl was hot as fuck. Nice tits, a pert little ass, innocent hazel eyes, and long, wavy red hair.

Frankly, she was exactly my type.

To make matters worse…

She was a forbidden pleasure. My student I’d dreamed of for three years. Then one night, she calls me…

Photo by Anderson Cavalera from Pexels

The first time I heard Grace’s audition tape, I knew there was something special about her. She was applying to be a piano major at the university where I teach piano performance. Her playing stopped me in my tracks.

I had countless students flow in and out of my life…


Is this someone she should be afraid of?

Photo by ARYANE VILARIM from Pexels

It begins on a rainy day in June. She walks home from the bookstore she works at to find an unstamped envelope in her mailbox. Opening it, she finds a little note written on plain white notepaper. It reads:

Dear Samantha,

Roses are red, violets are blue…
No one is as…

Hana Lang

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